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Here is a replay of the highly insightful seminar I attended at @ColumbiaLaw@twitter.com with @ProfKateJudge@twitter.com @TheStalwart@twitter.com @StephanieKelton@twitter.com, w/@rohangrey @PhilipNDiehl@twitter.com Zooming in from @WillametteLaw@twitter.com. The best arguments I’ve heard to put an end to the debt limit & Mint The Coin! twitter.com/kat_marianna/statu

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Philip Diehl, the most respected U.S. Mint director America's ever had, joins the campaign to : buff.ly/Zp58iM

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Thanks to everyone who came to our seminar on !

Video and transcript (work-in-progress) are up here:


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"One, possibly satirical, suggestion ... the movement, as it is known on social media, has gathered support from some lawmakers on the left wing of the Democratic Party. More serious thinkers, including Yellen, have dismissed it as a gimmick." economist.com/united-states/20

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Energizing start to the day watching @WillametteLaw@twitter.com Prof. @rohangrey@twitter.com kick off the public seminar to a packed in-person classroom and several hundred joining by zoom. Impressed by his work and feeling fortunate to have his contributions to our community.

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I’m watching the essential conversation btwn @PhilipNDiehl@twitter.com @rohangrey@twitter.com @TheStalwart@twitter.com and @StephanieKelton@twitter.com on

Biden and Yellen *choosing* default is unconstitutional, they are *obligated* by the 14th Amendment to uphold the US debt — the $1T coin is a clean way out

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Zoom link for the seminar beginning in <10m is here:


Ft. @PhilipNDiehl@twitter.com, @StephanieKelton@twitter.com, @TheStalwart@twitter.com, @ProfKateJudge@twitter.com, and myself.

Organized by LPE at @WillametteLaw@twitter.com, @ClsLpe@twitter.com, @themmtnetwork@twitter.com & @thepublicmoney@twitter.com

Hope to see you there!

Those who can't make it in person can tune in at the zoom link included below.

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Starting in a little under 20 minutes! twitter.com/MintTheCoin/status

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Here's your reminder to mark your calendars for the event tomorrow afternoon if you haven't already! We're so excited to be cosponsoring this event, see you all there! twitter.com/MintTheCoin/status

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If you aren't attending or tuning in tomorrow, what are you doing, really?

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Is Yellen correct? Can the Fed do this? Should Yellen defer to Fed, or does the constitution require her to do something else?

Join our (virtual/in-person) public seminar tomorrow at 12pm ET to discuss these questions and more!


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i too would hate me and hate if i was a former MD at JP Morgan and extremely proud of being a board member of Third Way and hated everything Bernie represented.

the man is consistent, gotta give him that.

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Here's what people who talk about don't understand. If @USTreasury@twitter.com/@POTUS admits we have gimmicks that allow the @HouseGOP@twitter.com to just sit back and not raise the , the Rs will do exactly that. It's bad game theory to make these alternatives seem normal/doable.

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Like @JStein_WaPo@twitter.com, I also asked @NathanTankus@twitter.com and @rohangrey@twitter.com about major questions surrounding the idea.

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There are reasons ppl are clutching their pearls over my comments & it's partially the incendiary & decontextualized way my point was reported upon, but more deeply it's that people who hate like to blame it for problems universal to all options being considered

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Thank you for your leadership, @RashidaTlaib@twitter.com. Always willing to call bs on the bs. It's so refreshing.

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House Rs voted to raise the debt ceiling three times under Trump, but now they want to hold our economy hostage? So they can gut Social Security and Medicare?
Hell no.
There is nothing to “negotiate”—if McCarthy won’t agree to a clean debt ceiling increase, then we .

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Strong contender for worst article of this cycle:

1. Confuses already-authorized spending with new spending

2. Conflates debt-ceiling crisis with budget/overspending debate

3. Lazy analysis of COVID inflation (the Fed printed money!)

4. Misunderstands QE/MFFP

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Can a Trillion-Dollar Coin Repay Our Debt?



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