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Hey @SBF_FTX@twitter.com - maybe next a special @IpseDixitPod@twitter.com with @brianlfrye@twitter.com?

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@BruceMcF he explained what he meant quite clearly in the original tweet

The extent to which SBF just cynically punked like half of the elite liberal establishment is truly hard to overexaggerate

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Intern notes from SBF interview on:

- FTX backdoor 🚪
- Bahamian withdrawals 🇧🇸
- $1/1 for US, $0.25/1 for Intl. 🇺🇸

Wild quotes and much more!

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"the reason our boot on your neck hurts so much is because of how heavy our heart is while we do it"

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Denouncing the railroads as profiteering exploiters of labor... and then announcing that you're going to side with the profiteers. twitter.com/ddayen/status/1597

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I’ll say a few things about logic games: 1: I’ve taught a lot of tests and that section is my personal favorite; and 2: nothing said in this comment is wrong.

In other words, I might enjoy tic tac toe but that doesn’t mean it should be on a law school admissions test. twitter.com/therealjuanjb/stat

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EU countries are stepping up the fight for digital sovereignty for their citizens, in their schools and in government.

Learn about this movement in the past 4 years alone in France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany in our blog!


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Want to know more about inflation!? Next week, we @IIPP_UCL@twitter.com will be discussing this hot topic with a stellar panel of economists:

Torsten Bell
Martijn Konings
Yeva Nersisyan
Isabella Weber

Join us in person!

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I'll keep saying it: anyone with a line to the CEA, and especially to @econjared46@twitter.com, should put in some time shaming them today

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If you want the trains to run, you ultimately need either coercion (whether exercised through unemployment/job insecurity or federal bayonets) or you need to treat workers like people - an experiment whose full implications none of us can even begin to grasp.

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or, as the man actually says here, "No one should have to choose between their job and their health - or the health of their children...but"

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Biden statement calling on Congress to force rail workers back to work to avoid a shutdown. "As a proud pro-labor President, I am reluctant to override the ratification procedures and the views of those who voted against the agreement. But in this case..."

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Hey @IIROCinfo@twitter.com, this is embarrassing.

The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) recently approved @Coinsquare@twitter.com as Canada's first registered crypto trading platform. A month later it was breached, users couldn't trade/withdraw for days. 😬 twitter.com/CoinDesk/status/15

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Kirkland & Ellis will serve as bankruptcy co-counsel for BlockFi along with Haynes and Boone. If Kirkland & Ellis sounds familiar, that's because they're also representing Celsius and Voyager in their respective bankruptcy cases.

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Come work with me!!

You’ll get to work with/know some of the most exciting legal scholars from around the country, as well as law students and organizers fighting for a different world ✊

And you still get half time to spend on your own research! 🤓


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Why because it's specially incorporated by act of parliament. Why is that? Because it started as an Ontario non-profit, and, when it wanted to expand federally, there was no means for a provincial non-profit insurer to transfer to federal jurisdiction.

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Tomorrow: Join us, @amnesty@twitter.com @FoxCahn@twitter.com @STOPSpyingNY@twitter.com @rohangrey@twitter.com @WillametteLaw@twitter.com @Jbrookslassiter@twitter.com @Digital_Dollar_@twitter.com & Alexandria LaRue @swopusa@twitter.com at our web3 for activists salon on digital cash.

Register at: bit.ly/DIGITALCASH

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"The O.C." star @ben_mckenzie@twitter.com is writing a book about crypto and fraud. He tells @kgreifeld@twitter.com and @timsteno@twitter.com he had the idea after he “got high one day."

Watch the full episode of Crypto IRL today at 8 p.m. ET on Quicktake trib.al/jJG75au

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I've thought for some time that law students don't think nearly enough about breaking the law, and so am pretty stoked that the faculty accepted my pitch to teach this little seminar in February: Disobedience and the Rule of Law.

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